About us

FOWL.b is a constituted body which keeps a watching brief on all aspects of the Water of Leith and its environs (generally 1-2 streets from the river). We try to do the best for the area and we would invite you to join us and represent your views.

Your help is vital to our continued operation and success, whether it be financial, volunteering your time, or attending meetings to give your views.

There are a number of ways to help FOWL carry out its work in the area.

Firstly become a Friend by letting us know your email address through the “Join us” link. In the case of businesses, whilst we look to represent your interests as well as work on your behalf for the good of the area, we would also welcome any financial help with a regular Associate membership contribution.

Should you wish to leave a donation to us to help us continue our work, below are examples of the kinds of projects which require financial assistance in whole, which we would be delighted to discuss with you:

  • Publication of Prof John Hume Leith Guide (£tbc)
  • Outdoor Gym at Coalie Park (~£3.6K)
  • Graffiti and Dog Mess High-Pressure Washer and Maintenance (£1.8K)
  • Catalogue work for Leith-related art (£1.6K)
  • Hanging baskets and maintenance on Shore (£1.5K)